General Liability Insurance

Basic Liability Insurance
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General Liability provides protection for negligent acts performed by you or a representative of your company that causes bodily injury or property damage to another party.

Fast Facts From Robley:

Coverage You'll Need
      • Blanket Additional Insured per Specified Endorsement
      • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
General Liability Details

Coverage Details and Limits

  • Generally $1,000,000/occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate


  • Premiums paid are based on the amount of exposure you have in different class codes
  • Exposure is usually measured by payroll, gross sales, or total cost in a given class code
  • An annual audit will reconcile your actual exposure amount vs the estimated amounts in each class code.  You will either owe or receive premium back based on this audit.
Helpful Tips
  • Look at your current estimated exposures on your General Liablity policy and make sure that they match up with your projected exposures for the policy year.  You can make an adjustment any time during the policy period.  It’s never fun to get the unexpected news that you owe a large sum at the time of an audit.
  • Does your policy have blanket additional insured and blanket waiver of subrogation?  Many of your certificate holders require it, and you may be paying unnecessary fees if you don’t have a blanket.
  • If you have subcontractors, you want to do three things:
    • Obtain a certificate of insurance from them showing both General Liability and Worker’s Compensation.  If they don’t have Worker’s Compensation and they are a one person operation, then they need to provide a waiver from the state.
    • Have each subcontractor name your company as an additional insured on their policy.
    • Every subcontractor should sign a Master Subcontractor Agreement with a Hold Harmless Clause.  This will help provide protection for your company, if the subcontractor commits a negligent act on a shared job site.

When It Comes To General Liability Insurance, Robley Offers:

The Right Coverage

Our team will work with you to determine the coverage you need.

Great Claim Service

We’re always here when you need to file a claim on your policy.

Quick Certificates

Robley will get your COIs out quickly and accurately.  We are on top of it.

Fast Response

We’ll answer all of your insurance questions and get you the information you’re looking for.

Stay On Top of Rates

Your dedicated Account Manager will ensure that you have the best rate in the market – year in and year out.

Ongoing Partnership

Robley will become your true risk management partner with Claim Shield, our Claim Prevention Service.

Choose Robley To Be Your Risk Management Partner

We’ll provide you with a customized insurance program and claim prevention – all at a competitive rate in the market.

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