Inland Marine Insurance

Protecting Your Equipment When It's Off Site
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Our Inland Marine Insurance provides coverage for your small and large tools/equipment, rented equipment, materials, and computers when they are away from your premise.

Fast Facts From Robley:

Coverage You'll Need

Small or Unscheduled Equipment

      • Usually $10,000 to $100,000 in coverage, based on need
      • Maximum item can be from about $1,000 to $5,000
      • These items do not need to be scheduled

Large or Scheduled Equipment

      • Item is scheduled for it’s Actual Cash Value (ACV)
      • Coverage against fire, theft, or damage in transit among other perils

Rented/Leased Equipment

      • Instead of paying for insurance at the rental company’s counter, you can have coverage through your insurance program for less in the long run
      • Limits vary based on need from $10,000 to $500,000 and up, depending on the size of equipment that you typically rent

Installation Floater

      • Coverage for your materials in transit, at a job site, or at a temporary storage location
      • Limit varies based on how much material is typically away from your premise

Computer Coverage

      • Protects your computers away from the premise and at your location

Cargo Coverage

      • Protects your cargo while in transit and optionally when being loaded/unloaded
      • Can be setup to be covered in only your vehicles or a common carrier
Helpful Tips
  • Make sure that you have all your “buckets” covered.  The buckets are Small Tools, Large Equipment, Rented Equipment, Materials, and Computers. 
  • Inland Marine should be customized to your needs.  Limits can vary, so it is important that you have enough coverage.  You don’t want too much either, because your premium is based on the limits.
  • You may want to check your Scheduled Equipment against your Equipment Inventory List.  Many times, new equipment is purchased and not added to the insurance plan and items you have sold have not been removed from the insurance plan.

Inland Marine Insurance From Robley Offers:

The Right Coverage

Our team will work with you to make sure you have the coverage your business needs.

Great Claim Service

Our team is here for you whenever you need to file a claim on your equipment.

Quick Certificates

Robley will get your COIs out quickly and accurately.  We are on top of it.

Fast Response

Our team is always ready to help you with whatever insurance issue you may have.

Stay On Top of Rates

Your dedicated Account Manager will ensure that you have the best rate in the market – year in and year out.

Ongoing Partnership

Robley will become your true risk management partner with Claim Shield, our Claim Prevention Service.

Choose Robley To Be Your Risk Management Partner

We’ll provide you with a customized insurance program and claim prevention – all at a competitive rate in the market.

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